imagine if the manga came off of hiatus

this is no longer an unreasonable hxh thing

justhunterxhunter replied to your post “justhunterxhunter replied to your post“JULESSS! OMG I’M YODELING we…”

Ah my gosh, “his own manga” that’s adorable!! Headcanon accepted!. Not nerd, smart cookie<3 Ah right! your in class, hope I’m not interrupting lol. We’ll talk again soon //sends strength and lots of candy. You can do it! ^^

Ahhhh no not at all haha! I apologize for the late reply because of it @.@ BUT THANK YOU FOR THE STRENGTH AND CANDY //kissu kissu

It helped me get through it =3 

Now…..//skips away to watch the new episode